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Pet photography

Anker 1: Wat?

Some Shortcuts...


"Tinne treats the animals very well and has a lot of patience, which can sometimes be really necessary.
That angelic patience is also reflected in the quality of the photos.
We would definitely recommend her!"

- Siggy V. -

By planning a photo shoot at Weazly Pictures, you choose a young and modern photographer with knowledge of animal behavior. This makes the whole event not only pleasant for you, but also looks at how your four-legged friend (or ...-footed) experiences everything and responds to this. In this way we try to prevent stress as much as possible together.


By making use of professional equipment I'll put your darling in sharp focus on a photo! For the shoot I usually use 2 different lenses, both very suitable for making a nice portrait series. In exceptional cases I also have a 3rd, more experimental lens available. The combination of these ensures that I can achieve the best result in every situation.

My preference is for photography on outdoor locations by the atmosphere and the natural light. For dogs and horses this is usually not much of a problem. With cats and other darlings, this already creates a bigger challenge, but it often gives such a nice result!
However, indoor shoots are possible. Provided there is enough space, de studio can also be installed at your home, to minimize stress for the models.


Although I don't work with a time limit and a shoot can therefore last several hours, most of the time creeps into the post-processing of the photos.
First, I make a selection of the successful images. These undergo a 'quick' basic edit after which I place them in an online gallery from which the owner can select the favourites. I will then finish these 1 by 1 in detail. After about 2 weeks you will receive finished photos of your darling! 

Certified animal caretaker with knowledge of animal behavior

Professional equipment for every situation

Preference for shoots at outdoor locations

Individual post-processing of each delivered photo

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