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Pet photography


"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching..."

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And I would like to assist you in that learning process!

Photography in this modern age consists of 2 parts. On the one hand, there is taking the picture, where you have to know and be able to set your camera and have an eye for light, creating depth, framing your subject, etc. Afterwards, however, there is still an indispensable part, namely the post-processing of your photo just taken. Just like taking the photo, this post-processing is an important addition to achieving your own style. Each photographer therefore has his own way of editing: one only edits minimally, the other transforms the photo into an image from his/her imagination. I put my own style somewhere in between...

Are you already quite satisfied with your photos taken, but you just can't manage to use them with the help of Lightroom & Photoshop to bring your vision to life? Do you like a dreamyairy yet colorful edit?

I am happy to show you during one private workshop how I get my typical style in post-processing.

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Not sure which package suits you best? Or do you have additional questions or wishes? Contact me and then we'll look further!

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