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Pet photography

BEForE & after

Finishing a shoot involves much more than just pressing a button at the moment. 
During a shoot I take plenty of time to immortalize your pet, but most of the time still creeps into the post-processing of the photos that were taken.

First I make a selection of images which I give a basic edit. This means: highlighting, cropping, adjusting colors if necessary. Collars, halters and leads are not yet eliminated in this phase.
The selected photos then end up in a gallery from which the customer can choose his favourites. These are then finished by me down to the last detail. The biggest edit? Eliminating those non-photogenic lines, collars, halters,... Also dirt in the fur, disturbing elements in the background, ears or even complete persons can be removed from the photo to create a nice and calm image. Ears or tails that are not in an ideal position can also be 'stolen' from another photo in the series.
Curious about this process? Below are some examples of the processing a photo undergoes before it is delivered :) 
Use the slider to compare the original photo with the final result.

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